Adult Basic Sewing Class

Learn sewing in this back to basics class. Topics covered will include: threading, winding bobbins, stitch variety, fabric choices and proper cutting and sewing techniques. Tackle all the basics while creating a useful handmade project you can be proud to give or keep. No previous experience necessary.

Interested in learning more about an upcoming class? Great! Click on the Contact Tallahassee ASG tab to leave a message.



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President’s Message – Summer 2018

One half of the year has flown by… gone… over… in a blink of an eye! This year has seen many things come and go. Two of our members have moved… left us to make new friends… on an adventure. I feel an adventure is here for us… just waiting for us to turn the corner. Let us take time to enjoy ourselves! Is there something you have always wanted to make or to do? Is there room to make a new friend… or two?

This year our Chapter is in charge of the Home Department for the North Florida Fair. Let this be the opportunity to make new friends… When somebody enters an item, take the opportunity to find out something about them… Ask how they made their item. Also, let us make that item that we have been wanting to do and enter it in the Fair!

Let us not miss the opportunity to encourage and visit with our fellow stitchers at the October Social. It is the perfect setting to enjoy what we love best — sewing and friends! And, of course, the best food in town cooked by the best chefs in town — us!

The Nomination Chair is working to find the leadership for next year’s CAB (Chapter Advisory Board). There are plenty of opportunities for members to help. It is not necessary to be an Officer or to be Committee Chair (even though these are needed). Find someone to Co-Chair, or see if there is something that can be split out. The Chapter needs

  • Newsletter Editor (National compliance),
  • Community Service,
  • Publicity (big plans for next year),
  • Membership,
  • Events/Workshops,
  • Neighborhood Group Leader,
  • 4-H , and
  • North Florida Fair.

The jobs are not difficult. Some require more time than others, but are not every day or every week. If you are interested, let me know! Or ask the person presently doing it! Or, if you are interested, “shadow” the person presently doing it!

I am excited about the adventures that have already happened! I am encouraged and excited about the adventures ahead! Join me in the fun ahead!


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Newsletter for the Second Quarter of 2018 has been posted

If you are a member of the Tallahassee chapter of ASG, you should be receiving this newsletter by mail or email. Please contact Robin Wolfe if you do not. You must be an ASG member to view this link, as you will need to log in. Link is:

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ASG Webinars Online!

Have you checked out the ASG Online Webinars, which are listed in the Members Only section of the ASG website? (See Have You Checked Out the ASG Web Site Lately for sign-in help.)

Remember, when signing up for a seminar, look to the upper right of the registration page and click on Show in my Time Zone. A drop-down box will appear where you may select your time zone for viewing. Notice the time automatically changes and now the registration confirmation and all reminders from GoToWebinar will automatically be in the time zone you selected.

All webinars are recorded at the time they are presented live and archived in the Members Only section of the ASG website. You may access them as many times as you wish, 24/7, as a benefit of your membership. There is no need to register to view recordings; simply select the recording you wish to view by clicking on the title.

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