President’s Message – Spring 2017

So far, 2017 has proven to be an interesting year. I was hoping politics were over, but no. I wonder now if the politics will ever turn to governing.

The plans for Tallahassee ASG are moving forward. My refuge! Trips, workshops, community service, and opportunities to visit and play!

Yep, 2017 is going to be a good year! Plus, the National Conference will be in Orlando in July! The conference class information will come out April 1st. I have been told that when it comes out, to fill it out fast! Even 4 days makes a difference in classes! Some of us have already planned on going! There is one full day of business just for Presidents, so you know I will be going!

Some of you know I broke my ankle and have had surgery. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who took on the task to keep my husband and I fed! I am overwhelmed with the members sharing their gifts of friendship and food! I am truly humbled, surprised, and blessed!

Thank you one and all! I can not wait to Hug everyone , and, of course, to Sew! — Robin

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Newsletter for the Fourth Quarter of 2016 has been posted

If you are a member of the Tallahassee chapter of ASG, you should be receiving this newsletter by mail or email. Please contact Robin Wolfe if you do not. You must be an ASG member to view this link, as you will need to log in. Link is:

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ASG Webinars Online!

Have you checked out the ASG Online Webinars, which are listed in the Members Only section of the ASG website? (See Have You Checked Out the ASG Web Site Lately for sign-in help.)

Remember, when signing up for a seminar, look to the upper right of the registration page and click on Show in my Time Zone. A drop-down box will appear where you may select your time zone for viewing. Notice the time automatically changes and now the registration confirmation and all reminders from GoToWebinar will automatically be in the time zone you selected.

All webinars are recorded at the time they are presented live and archived in the Members Only section of the ASG website. You may access them as many times as you wish, 24/7, as a benefit of your membership. There is no need to register to view recordings; simply select the recording you wish to view by clicking on the title.

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