Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) for the 2019 term

President: Susan Kirkland

First Vice-President: Nancy Faulkner

Secretary: Lisa Connell-Hudson

Treasurer: Ann Elizabeth Allshouse

Committee Chair Assignments

Community Service Co-Chairs: Donna Dye and Jacquie Hume

Membership: Meredith Smith

Web Site: Mary Rouis

Special Event: Pat Shuler

Newsletter: Judy Rainbrook

Publicity: Dixie Hill

Fabric Challenge: Nancy Faulkner

Special Events: Pat Shuler

Librarian: Jackie Hume

Group Leaders

Sew It Seams NG – 2nd Tuesday – day (Tallahassee) – Ann Elizabeth Allshouse

Ladies in Stitches NG – 3rd Tuesday – evening (Tallahassee) – Susan Kirkland

Just Sew NG – 1st Wednesday of each month – day (Tallahassee) – Robin Wolfe