A. Community Service – Report Forms



Please download the form below and fill in the descriptions and total your numbers. It will make the life of the community service chair much easier if you will use the form to SUMMARIZE your hours if they are donated in multiple places. For example, if you are donating to a hospital, list it once with the total number of hours you spent on that project and the number of items completed.

The Donation Deliver Letter has been developed for use for personally delivered items to an entity that is not part of a current year chapter project, or items delivered by a member on behalf of a current year chapter project. Please include the letter with the delivery donation.

Your numbers are used in developing our National report and Chapter Annual Report, as well as determining your service awards so please don’t forget to turn them in.

Click on link below to download a pdf version of the community service report form, community service time sheet, and/or donation delivery letter as needed.




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